“Closing the Gap with Dental Implants”

If you are searching for a permanent solution to your missing teeth, then dental implant is the treatment of choice for you. An implant is a small titanium screw that fits inside your jawbone and replaces the root-part of a missing tooth. Once the screw is firmly integrated to the jaw bones, the crown is then placed on it. The implant is drilled into the jawbone, so that the screw can firmly connect the artificial teeth or any other dental prosthesis to the jaw. We, at Yudisther’s Dental Care, provide one of the best dental implant treatment in Paschim Vihar.

A missing tooth can change our whole appearance and personality. What can be better if you can have a permanent replacement for it? There are many ways to replace a missing tooth like wearing dentures or a crown and bridge treatment. But a dental implant is a far better alternative. It not only replaces the missing tooth but also brings back the functionality of the replaced tooth. A dental implant is just like a natural tooth. It looks exactly like a natural tooth and functions the same.

cost of Dental implant in Paschim Vihar

What is cost of dental implant in paschim vihar?

The dental implant cost, as compared to other tooth replacement options, is a bit higher, but it is worth it. A dental implant can last longer, maybe an entire lifetime. Moreover it gives a completely natural look and functions the same. In India, a single dental implant ,with the crown, costs around 20000-50000, depending on the type and brand of dental implant used. An implant cost varies according to the region and the experience of the surgeon. The average worldwide cost for an implant is USD 3000- USD 4500.

cost of Dental implant
Dental implant in Paschim Vihar
There are many types of dental implants. The choice of an implant is totally case dependent.

Single Tooth Implant

• If a person has only one missing tooth, it can be replaced & restored with a single tooth implant treatment.

All On 4 / 6 Dental Implants

• If all the teeth are missing, the dentist will suggest you to go for All on 4 or All on 6 dental implants depending on the condition of your jaw. It will replace all the teeth with 4/6 implants that looks like and feels like the original set of teeth.

• Overdentures

• Overdentures are Implant Supported dentures which are removable appliances that include artificial teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, upper overdentures are designed without the palate prosthesis which offers better comfort, speech and taste. For the additional support, a partial metal framework is incorporated to the overdenture that provides an extra measure of durability.

Dental implants have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years due to its high success rate. So if you have missing teeth and want an implant, book an appointment with us and get yourself treated from our specially trained dental surgeons.

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